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Welcome to K & S Home Inspections Ltd.

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What we offer:

 Background:  30 years experience in home renovation and inspection business
 Training:  Graduate of one of Canada's most respected and comprehensive home inspection courses
 Experience:  Over 100 home inspections
 You receive:  A detailed, professional report that becomes a valuable reference guide
Our promise: To provide excellent customer service and piece of mind
Bonus: You can call us to discuss aspects of inspection for as long as you own the home

Types of Inspections

Pre-purchase inspection

Be confident you are purchasing a home that does not have any surprises or deficiencies that you weren't aware of before finalizing your deal. These surprises can often lead to very expensive fixes. A home inspector will help to identify these issues so you purchase with eyes wide open. You will receive a written report that will be a valuable reference for as long as you own the home.

New Home Warranty inspection

Confirm your new home has no issues or deficiencies that  the builder would be responsible to fix for you prior to your 1st year warranty expires. New home growing pains are different than building deficiencies. Be confident everything was done as it should be when built. 

Pre-selling inspection

Be confident with your asking price. Give yourself validation and peace of mind regarding full disclosure. An added bonus selling feature for you is that          K & S will transfer the inspection report ownership over to new buyers which also eliminates any perceived biases and is a thoughtful gesture for the new home owners. 

Thermal Imaging inspection

Thermal imaging detects variances in temperatures behind walls to tell you if there is such things as moisture behind walls, air leakage through windows, missing or damaged insulation, problems with mechanical or electrical equipment, structural issues such as missing studs in the walls, and other things that are undetectable to the naked eye. 

Investigative inspection

An investigative inspection is designed to help you determine the cause of a specific problem or look at one specific area of the home.  This could be to determine where water is seeping in from, attic or insulation questions.  An investigative inspection can help solve the mystery.