After booking inspection we will send you a contract to review and accept.
Once accepted you will be led to a payment processing page where you can pay by credit card. 
If you prefer e-transfer, or cash please advise.

Standard Home Inspections includes Pre-Purchase,  New Home Warranty and Pre-Selling

Homes up to 1500 sq ft                                              $475.00
Homes 1501 - 2000 sq ft                                           $500.00
Homes 2001 - 3000                                                     $550.00
Homes over 3001                                                        base $575.00
Multi-unit buildings                                                     discussed

 Investigative Inspection

Starting at $250.00
Fee is based on specific needs and time spent.  Base price includes up to 2 hours.
Additional hours at $75.00 per hour

Thermal Imaging Inspection

Starting at  $300.00
Fee is based on specific job, number of pictures required and time spent.   Base price includes up to 2 hours.


.68 / km from perimeter to destination and back to perimeter